City of Oil

Flood Preparedness

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Posted: 24th Feb 2014

The ice jam located at the confluence of Oil Creek and the Allegheny River holds fast. The backwater on Seneca Street has receded. Seneca Street has been re-opened and effected businesses in that area have been allowed to reenter the area and open. All affected businesses have been advised to be cognizant of the potential that conditions could change quickly and be prepared to close and or evacuate if necessary. An additional ice jam remains in place approx. 4 miles upstream on Oil Creek at the Army Corps of Engineers ice control dam where there is an additional 1/2 mile of ice jammed there. City public safety officials will continue to monitor the situation, along with local businesses in the affected area.

Those who live in, or have businesses in a location that is prone to flooding should be prepared to take action. Anyone observing rapidly rising water should move to higher ground immediately. Do not drive through flood waters. The water may be deeper than it appears. Monitor forecasts and be prepared to take action should a flood warning be issued.

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