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The Oil City Arts Council, established in 1993, has also been known as the Oil City Arts and Culture Commission since 2010. The council is an entity of the City of Oil City government. The City’s Bureau of Planning and Community Development provides staff support to the Arts Council. The Council provides cultural programming to the region with the support of both the public and private sectors. The Council also interacts and cooperates with other arts-related organizations in the area.

The Council is composed of a general membership and a Board of Directors. This Board consists of 21 persons who represent a broad range of interests. The Board of Directors meets at 4 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month in the City Hall Council chambers. All meetings are open to the public. The general membership roster lists over 200 persons. Annual memberships are available for $10 per person.

Some of the projects conducted by the Arts Council include:

  • Annually, the Arts Council presents a summer Arts in the Park Concert series free of charge to the public as well as the Transit Concert Series (requiring a small admission charge) in the Great Room of the National Transit Building in Oil City. The concerts are a mix of jazz, blues, pop, bluegrass and folk music.
  • Each summer the Arts Council presents the Oil Heritage Festival Art Show,a professionally judged exhibition, in the National Transit Building.
  • Once or more each year, the Arts Council brings to the community a major musical attraction, which is usually presented in the area schools as well as in a public concert setting.
  • The Council has also sponsored a statue of Chief Cornplanter and two murals on buildings in downtown Oil City.
  • First Night Oil City, an alcohol-free, family-oriented celebration of the arts, is held annually on New Year’s Eve.
  • The Transit Fine Arts Gallery and Graffiti Gallery offer a showcase for regional art.
  • In addition, The Oil Valley Center for the Arts (OVCA) was created as a nonprofit project of the Oil City Arts Council. OVCA is a multidisciplinary arts facility that includes a large performance space, low-cost music, art and writing classes, offices, art studio, and an art resource area.
  • The Arts Council also holds three major festivals annually: The Oil Region Bluegrass Festival, The Oil Region Indie Fest, and Jolly July Third.
  • The Arts Revitalization program designed to attract artists to live and work in Oil City began in 2006 and has brought more than 30 artist households to Oil City.

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