City of Oil


The Oil City Arts Council (OCAC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of community cultural institutions and organizations and facilitating the development of community artists. Our purpose is to promote and foster the public interest and appreciation of all the arts.

In seeking to support the arts, the Oil City Arts Council will endeavor to promote dance, theater, music, films and video, creative writing, poetry, painting, sculpture and other forms of the visual arts. To this end the OCAC will organize, sponsor and facilitate concerts, lectures and workshops for the benefit of the entire Oil City Community and the Oil Region – children, young adults, families and seniors.

Events and programming for which the Arts Council is responsible includes: Arts in the Park Concert, Arts in the Transit Concerts, Pipeline Alley Concerts, Special Concerts & Events, Transit Fine Arts Gallery, Graffiti Gallery, Oil Valley Center for the Arts Classes, Artist Relocation Program, Studio Rentals, Public Art Works, Oil Heritage Art Show, and First Night Oil City.