City of Oil

City Boards and Commissions

Civil Service Commission

The commission was created in 1917 to handle the testing and for making recommendations for hiring and promotion of applicants in the Police and Fire Departments. The board may also handle suspension/termination matters of employees in these departments, depending on the reasons for suspension or termination. Based on the personnel needs of the departments, the board schedules testing for entry-level positions and promotions and creates a list of those applicants who have scored the highest in the testing process. They do not recommend individual applicants for hiring/promotions, but only develop a certified list of the highest scoring candidates for each open position. They also schedule and hold appeal hearings for applicants who believe they have been aggrieved in the testing process or for employees appealing a suspension or termination.

Currently the board consists of Richard K. Baker, Mario Fontanazza and Dr. Jay Stevens.

Oil City General Authority

Currently this authority is inactive.

Oil City Library Commission

This commission meets on the third Wednesday in January, April, July and October at 3:00 p.m. at the Oil City Library. There is a total of 8 members representing various groups as follows: Carol DeLong and Nancy Curran (Belles Lettres Club), John Bartlett and Ron Gustafson (City Council), Cathy McBride and Carol Maurer (Cornplanter Township) and Deborah Rosen and Jena Knight (City Residents). There is one vacancy for a city resident, one vacancy for a President Twp. resident and a vacancy for a Rouseville Borough resident.

Oil City Parking Authority

The authority was created in 1957 to handle off-street parking matters. The responsibilities of the authority include the purchase, ownership and maintenance of the municipal parking lots, although the operations of the lots is handled by the city. The authority has the ability to borrow money for its purposes, with debt repayment handled through fees generated from the parking program. The authority generally oversees the operational matters for the lots, although they are solely dependent upon the City for any financial issues related to the properties. Although they largely serve as an advisory board to the City because of lack of any financial resources, they are very active with their support of parking issues in the City.

The authority currently consists of: Stephen Woods, Robert Cross, Janice Durney and Edwin "Bud" Deal. There is one vacancy.

Oil City Planning Commission

The commission was established in 1914 and is a five-member advisory board, charged with reviewing amendments to the zoning ordinance and map. The commission is comprised of Michael Morrison, Jason Bidish, Richard Baker, David Mayer and Eric Graham.

The commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Oil City Redevelopment Authority

The Redevelopment Authority was established in 1936 and meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in Council Chambers. The authority is comprised of Judy Barrett, John Stiller, Neil McElwee, Alan Schiller, and Robert Henderson.

Oil City Shade Tree Commission

The Commission was established in 1977 to oversee tree planting and removal near city streets. They notify property owners of hazardous trees, approve or disapprove permits to plant or remove trees and apply for grants for the purchase and planting of new trees or for general maintenance. They work closely with the Community Development and Public Works Departments.

The Commission's current members are: Robert J. Evans, Jr., Susan McGuire, Nancy Ryan, Kathy Schiller, and Todd Smith.

Oil City Zoning Hearing Board

The board was established in 1936 and currently consist of the following members: Maurice Stiglitz, Matt Caldwell, Brian Stoltenburg, Eric Reamer, Bill Hopkins. Joseph Keebler serves as solicitor. The board meets upon request.

Their duties and functions are many, to include hearing requests for variances and special exceptions, hearing appeals of enforcement notices issued by the zoning officer and many others.