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The Engineering Department consists of the City Engineer and Engineering Aide. The Department has numerous and varied responsibilities, including the storage and updating of all City property, housing, water and sewer maps. It maintains records, plans, surveys, specifications, reports, and other pertinent information for all City-owned or public facilities, and many private facilities; and it maintains a history of the property owners and deed information for all City lots. It acts as a clearinghouse of data, providing assistance to anyone desiring this type of information.

The Department handles requests for water and sewer taps, subdivisions of property, sales of City lots, and for vacating public right-of-way. It handles complaints about water quality and responds to questions regarding water treatment and water pressure. It also responds to inquiries regarding the Wastewater Treatment Plant and combined sewer overflows. The City Engineer oversees the Water Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Engineering Department is responsible for maintaining compliance with many State and Federal laws and regulations concerning water, sewage, and storm water facilities, including those mandated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Any required permits, plans, or actions in this regard are generally handled by the Engineering Office.

The Department prepares the required Annual Water Quality Report or Consumer Confidence Report Download each year, and distributes it to every water customer. It prepares and submits several annual reports to regulatory agencies, and prepares applications for reimbursement and funding.

The Engineering Office plans capital improvements projects for the water and sewer systems, and other City facilities, including the preparation of designs, estimates, plans, specifications, and permit and funding applications. When such work is beyond the capacities of this Office, the City Engineer coordinates work with consultants. The Office also assists other Departments with certain aspects of their work.

Recent projects include the following: wastewater treatment plant upgrade, combined sewer overflow (CSO) improvements, Rt 62 waterline replacement, Downtown Oil Creek Footbridge replacement, and ice boom rehabilitation.

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