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Employment Scam

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Posted: 25th Sep 2014

Local residents have contacted the Oil City Police Department, reporting that they had answered an employment ad in The Derrick and that it was a scam. They were all contacted by a male or a female via the internet and using the same name of Prendy Goodman from Jackson Missouri, in need of a care giver for his/her father or mother and Goodman told the victims that he/she needed them to purchase a wheelchair for that person and they would send a check. The check was from a EBI Consulting of 21 B Street, Burlington, Ma 01803-3485. The company is real but the checks are fraudulent and not issued by EBI Consulting. Also several emails were sent from the actor to each victim from a Gmail account and text messages from a computer in Michigan.

If you are also a victim, or know a victim contact the FBI Fraud Desk at -- www. to make the complaint because of the different states that are involved.

Posted by: Police Department
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