City of Oil

Public Art Works

Public Art WorksMural One: was painted in the summer of 1997 on the Sycamore Street exterior wall of the Community Services of Venango County Building, 203 Center St., Oil City. Designed and painted by Oil City Area High School students under the supervision of their teacher, Alice Walkowski, the mural reflects the oil heritage of the area and features portraits of oil founder Edwin Drake and petroleum pioneer and philanthropist Charles Suhr.

Mural Two: was also designed and painted in the summer of 1998 by local high school students directed by Alice Walkowski. It was painted on the exterior wall of the Williams Insurance and Travel building, 8 State St. The mural depicts aspects of the area’s oil heritage as it affected transportation. Advertising signs of early oil companies are included in the design as well as an antique auto and petrol station.

The murals were funded by grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, supplemented by matching contributions from the community.