City of Oil
Carol McDonald Alice Walkowski Linda Lineman
Carol McDonald, Alice Walkowski, and Linda Lineman are three National Transit Studio artists


The National Transit Studios & Art Center welcomes these artist tenants!

Second Saturday Open Studios noon to 5:00 pm the public is invited to visit artists in their studios.

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Linda Lineman Porcelain Painting
Alice Walkowski Metal Clay Jewelry
Maureen James Stained Glass
 Joann Wheeler Mixed Media
Relocated from MA
Diane Kellogg Oil Creek Originals decorative painting
Anissa Gage Poetry, Oil Painting, Pastels, Charcoal
Relocated from IL
Carol McDonald Pastels, Watercolors, Mixed Media
Judy Slater Polymer Clay Sculpture
Quilters' Cupboard quilting classes and supplies
Sean Carey acoustic guitar
Arnita Force Painting
Relocated from FL
Tom Niles Wood Sculpture
Greg Knox Bright Ideas Photography
Jessica McFadden Joyful Noise Piano Instruction
Susan McGuire watercolor painting
Relocated from CA
Wakar Amarra oil painting
Relocated from CA
Debra A. Lee pastels
Relocated from OH
DJ Lander painting
CJ Hurley Roycroft certified painter
Relocated from OR
Sufana Chowdhury photography, painting
Barbara Pierce Restoration Arts specialist
Relocated from OR
Scott McCray calligrapher
Todd Harry guitarist
Heidi Krug, WhistleFish Creations mixed media artist
Dee Fish, Big Pond Comics comics artist

Studios rent for $0.59/square foot/month, all utilities and insurance included. 

Best wishes for success to Darin Paden on his downtown dance studio relocation to the Kellner Building on Oil City's South Side  The Performing Arts Academy with Darin

We also welcome relocating artists David Fielding (PA), Derrick Fish (FL), Heidi Krug (FL), Chaundra Alderette (WVA), Nancy Ryan (NY), Sonia Kallman (IL), Alan Schiller (NY), Margaret Brostrom (CA), Angela Bowersox Wyant (MD), Holly L. Gibbons (PA), Tasana Camara (West Africa), Mary Morgan (PA), Dave Gundrum (LA), George Cooley (MA), Swantje-Elke (CA), Claudia Allen (FL), Tracy Cole (WA), Charlie Whipple (AK), Ed Fratus (FL), Kathy Karanink (PA), Anita Roby-Lavery (VA), Mary Margaret McNamara (LA), William Breiding (AZ), Dwayna Wisdom (NY), Suzanne Gagliardo (PA),  Patty David (TX), Garrett Heath (CT), and Ryan Conners (OR) to the Oil City area.

Thanks for helping us to make an arts community happen here!


For more information, please call:

Joann Wheeler 814-676-5303