City of Oil



Police Chief David Ragon

Phone: 814-678-3080 / Fax - 814-678-3023

The Oil City Police Department was organized on May 16,1861, with a Chief and two officers, when Oil City was just a borough. The Police Department has been serving the community for 154 years.

Today the department is a full-time police department with 16 officers, a parking control officer, a police/records secretary and five dispatchers, all serving a community of 11,504. We routinely respond to 12,000 - 14,000 calls for service per year. These range from animal complaints to complex investigations.

The Oil City Police Department is active in neighborhood watch programs and Venango County Crime Stoppers. In 2007, the department added the ENRAD speed control detection device. This mobile traffic speed detection unit is highly efficient for spot-checking local traffic speed.

Periodically, officers coordinate with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Association to make streets safer for pedestrians and motorists through the Aggressive Driver, PA Buckle-Up and Drive Safe programs.

Agressive driver
The Oil City Police Department has a Tactical Entry team that responds to high-risk situations that are beyond the daily responses of police officers. The tactical officers train regularly with scenarios that could be encountered and attend training programs to update the skills needed for these situations. The focus of the Department is to take a fair but aggressive stance on crime. This is accomplished through high visibility patrols, crime prevention classes and community involvement.

Our goal is to safeguard the city's most valuable resource - its citizens!


Local businesses can help in the safeguarding of commercial property by completing and updating the emergency call form.

Please take the time to read and complete this form and fax it to (814) 678-3023, mail it or deliver it to the Oil City Police Department at: 21 Seneca Street, Oil City, Pa. 16301 This form will assist the Police Department in its effectiveness in contacting an individual should an emergency occur after business hours. Please note that should a change occur in contact personnel, we would appreciate notification as soon as possible.

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